Ep. 027 Harry Potter and the People of Color

TRICK OR TREAT! It’s Halloween and our treat for you is a special double-size episode of Woke Doctor Who! Join us as we don our Potterhead costumes and spotlight the (few) people of color in the Wizarding World. Also, parents of small children take note – we’ve been given the OK from our producer to stop censoring ourselves so we swear up a STORM in this one.

Wizarding World POCs

  • Dean Thomas
  • Angelina Johnson
  • Blaise Zabini
  • Parvati and Padma Patil
  • Cho Chang
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt
  • Lavender Brown
  • Hermione Granger
  • Leta Lestrange
  • Yusuf Kama
  • Nagini
  • Lee Jordan (mentioned in passing)
  • Alicia Spinnet (not mentioned)

Ep. 026 Faith in the Whoniverse

“I believe…I believe I haven’t seen everything, I don’t know. It’s funny, isn’t it? The things you make up, the rules. If that thing had said it came from beyond the universe, I’d believe it. But before the universe? Impossible. Doesn’t fit my rule. Still, that’s why I keep traveling. To be proved wrong.”

The Doctor has taken on religion, faith, and belief several times in the run of the show. We’ve even seen the Doctor become a religion in and of him/herself. Underneath it all, we recognize that the desire for faith, something to believe in is…human.

Join us as we discuss our own approaches to faith, what it’s like to be a minority in religious spaces, and what the Doctor teaches us about the humanity of belief.

Episodes to Watch:

  • The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
  • Last of the Time Lords
  • The Fires of Pompeii
  • The God Complex
  • Demons of the Punjab
  • The Witchfinders
  • It Takes You Away
  • The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

Ep. 025 Imperialism and the Doctor

In the Whoniverse, the TARDIS is a recognizable image throughout time and space. For the people that love the Doctor, it’s a symbol that everything is going to be ok. For everyone else, it can be a symbol of oppression and invasion. Join us as we discuss waning empires, waxing empires, current events, and how Doctor Who is, at its core, an Imperialist show.

BlerDCon 2019!

In this very special episode, you’ll hear your hosts, Eugenia and Toya, give their very first panel talk as part of BlerDCon 2019! Topics include: how “Woke Doctor Who” was born, what it’s like to be women of color in a very white podcast and fandom space, how to enter the Whoniverse if you’re new to Doctor Who, and much more. If you’ve come in new from BlerDCon: Welcome! We hope you stay a spell.

Ep. 022 The Women Who Waited

In a show that features time travel, the concept of age could be completely meaningless. So when and how does the show make it meaningful? We explore the times Doctor Who has leaned into the significance of age and aging, or sidestepped it completely. Join us as we discuss: –

  • Life and love after 40
  • May-September pairings
  • Age vs. beauty

and all the women who waited for our Doctor.

Ep. 021 Turn it up to 11

Happy New Year! We are kicking off 2019 by sharing our thoughts about Season 11. Join us as we talk through:

  • Our stories taking center stage on the show
  • The Doctor as Project Manager
  • The strength, weakness, and brilliance of normal people
  • And overall, just how dang “chuffed” we are with this season

Ep. 020 White Christmas

CW: Swearing (and lots of it)

Happy holidays! We send off the year with a good ol’ fashioned Festivus airing of grievances. As a Black woman and an Asian woman, we spend lots of time talking to each other about the ways – large and small – whiteness infringes on our ability to be who we are. But damnit, we have a podcast now! We don’t have to just talk to each other about it – we can tell the whole world!

So, pass the champagne. We’re about to bring your 2019 in with a bang. Cheers!

Ep. 019 Crazy Rich Asians

Join us as we discuss “Crazy Rich Asians”, the blockbuster summer rom-com written by, directed by, and starring … Asians! We talk through the controversies, the beauty, the relationships, and the “hidden” movie inside the movie that some of us got to see. Most importantly, we talk about centering the Asian-American experience and the quest to find 自己人 – our own people. Be forewarned: We get REALLY emotional. Have your tissues ready!

Ep. 018 Sweep Your Own Yard

As American WOC who love a British show, we were bracing ourselves for the worst when we saw the previews for “Rosa”. And we were absolutely right to worry. While we’re still enjoying this season and Jodie as 13, we were deeply disappointed in how wrong this episode was on the American Civil Rights Movement and Rosa Parks.

For those of you who do not follow us on Twitter @wokedoctorwho, here is an excerpt from our thread on the episode:

We will just start out by saying what you already should know about us – our podcast is by and for WOC. We are happy to have everyone in the conversation. But we care the most about WOC, and especially those that share our own identities. And given those identities, we care specifically that Blackness is presented in a way that mirrors the truth of the lives Black people live. So we plan our discussions to capture the true nuance and complexity of those issues. If you are a POC and are trying to find a safe place to not like the episode, you have found that place with us.