Ep. 026 Faith in the Whoniverse

“I believe…I believe I haven’t seen everything, I don’t know. It’s funny, isn’t it? The things you make up, the rules. If that thing had said it came from beyond the universe, I’d believe it. But before the universe? Impossible. Doesn’t fit my rule. Still, that’s why I keep traveling. To be proved wrong.”

The Doctor has taken on religion, faith, and belief several times in the run of the show. We’ve even seen the Doctor become a religion in and of him/herself. Underneath it all, we recognize that the desire for faith, something to believe in is…human.

Join us as we discuss our own approaches to faith, what it’s like to be a minority in religious spaces, and what the Doctor teaches us about the humanity of belief.

Episodes to Watch:

  • The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
  • Last of the Time Lords
  • The Fires of Pompeii
  • The God Complex
  • Demons of the Punjab
  • The Witchfinders
  • It Takes You Away
  • The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

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