Ep. 020 White Christmas

CW: Swearing (and lots of it)

Happy holidays! We send off the year with a good ol’ fashioned Festivus airing of grievances. As a Black woman and an Asian woman, we spend lots of time talking to each other about the ways – large and small – whiteness infringes on our ability to be who we are. But damnit, we have a podcast now! We don’t have to just talk to each other about it – we can tell the whole world!

So, pass the champagne. We’re about to bring your 2019 in with a bang. Cheers!

Ep. 019 Crazy Rich Asians

Join us as we discuss “Crazy Rich Asians”, the blockbuster summer rom-com written by, directed by, and starring … Asians! We talk through the controversies, the beauty, the relationships, and the “hidden” movie inside the movie that some of us got to see. Most importantly, we talk about centering the Asian-American experience and the quest to find 自己人 – our own people. Be forewarned: We get REALLY emotional. Have your tissues ready!

Ep. 018 Sweep Your Own Yard

As American WOC who love a British show, we were bracing ourselves for the worst when we saw the previews for “Rosa”. And we were absolutely right to worry. While we’re still enjoying this season and Jodie as 13, we were deeply disappointed in how wrong this episode was on the American Civil Rights Movement and Rosa Parks.

For those of you who do not follow us on Twitter @wokedoctorwho, here is an excerpt from our thread on the episode:

We will just start out by saying what you already should know about us – our podcast is by and for WOC. We are happy to have everyone in the conversation. But we care the most about WOC, and especially those that share our own identities. And given those identities, we care specifically that Blackness is presented in a way that mirrors the truth of the lives Black people live. So we plan our discussions to capture the true nuance and complexity of those issues. If you are a POC and are trying to find a safe place to not like the episode, you have found that place with us.

Ep. 017 Lucky #13

The Doctor is back and so are we! The first female Doctor is no small thing, so we got together to experience our new TARDIS team in person! We laughed, we cried, we grumbled (a little), we ate pizza, we clapped–and then of course talked about it all afterwards.

And keep an ear out for our favorite skeptical teen Hufflepuff–Toya’s daughter Sarai!

Ep. 016 Captain Jack: Sex Jesus

Ah, Captain Jack Harkness, arguably the sexiest part of “Doctor Who”, the one who swaggered into the Whoniverse and changed it irrevocably.

In this episode, we dig into the life (LIVES?) of our beloved omni/pansexual, Captain Jack – the one who’s attracted to us all. How he fought alongside the Doctor. How he became the leader of Torchwood. How he became the Face of Boe (no, for real…how did he do that???). How he found a love deserving of him in Ianto. And why does Toya call him “Sex Jesus”? Come find out!

Ep. 014 Black Panther

And now for something completely different! Join us as we finally talk about “Black Panther.” Toya is ready to share her thoughts, her experiences, and most importantly, her feelings about Wakanda and what the possibility of a land without colonization means for Black people and for her personally. We also discuss reactions of non-black audiences and how the concept of identity winds through the entirety of the film.

To truly be faithful to the message of the film, we firmly center the experiences of Black people in our discussion. If you’re ready to consider what it might mean to not be welcome, how it feels to be on the outside, if you’re ready to be barked at because YOU CANNOT SPEAK HERE (HROO!), come on in!

Wakanda forever, y’all!

Ep. 013 Danny, We Hardly Knew Ye

What can we say about Danny Pink? Seriously what can we say about him??? We spent one season getting to know the second black man to be boyfriend of a companion on the show, only to have him fade into the background like everyone else around Clara. Join us as we discuss the soldier who spent his time with us doing not much more than existing for Clara. Danny Pink (and Samuel Anderson), you deserved so much better.

Episodes to watch:

    • Into the Dalek
    • Listen
    • Time Heist
    • The Caretaker
    • Kill the Moon
    • Mummy on the Orient Express
    • Flatline
    • In the Forest of the Night
    • Dark Water/Death in Heaven
    • Last Christmas

Ep. 012 Love in the Whoniverse

It’s February and we have loooooooove on the brain. Join us as we VERY MATURELY discuss the Doctor’s crushes (platonic and not), familial love, and SEX! Okay, it’s more like romantic love, which includes a smidgen of sex. Just a little. A hint of sex. A tinge. A soupçon of sex, if you will.

And enjoy the moment where we completely lose it! Dirty jokes galore!

Ep. 011 Happy New Year!

Ok, so we’re a month late, but join us as we welcome in 2018! We’re very excited for our SECOND YEAR of Woke Doctor Who and we have big plans. This year we’ll be “regenerating” (see what we did there? SEE IT???) by exploring new places and adding Companions along the way…i.e. hearing from awesome guests and chatting about whole new fandoms! And we’re really excited to give you all a chance to go to YOUR Police Call Box and leave us a voicemail about topics we’ve talked about, ones you want us to talk about, ones you care about, things you love, hate, and everything in between. We love you all and want to hear your lovely voices!

Now we invite you to don your bowties, put on your sand shoes, and take our hands and RUN! with us into the new year! <3