Ep. 018 Sweep Your Own Yard

As American WOC who love a British show, we were bracing ourselves for the worst when we saw the previews for “Rosa”. And we were absolutely right to worry. While we’re still enjoying this season and Jodie as 13, we were deeply disappointed in how wrong this episode was on the American Civil Rights Movement and Rosa Parks.

For those of you who do not follow us on Twitter @wokedoctorwho, here is an excerpt from our thread on the episode:

We will just start out by saying what you already should know about us – our podcast is by and for WOC. We are happy to have everyone in the conversation. But we care the most about WOC, and especially those that share our own identities. And given those identities, we care specifically that Blackness is presented in a way that mirrors the truth of the lives Black people live. So we plan our discussions to capture the true nuance and complexity of those issues. If you are a POC and are trying to find a safe place to not like the episode, you have found that place with us.

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