Ep. 010 Sorting Fez: When Fandoms Collide

Happy Christmahanukwanzakkah!!! We celebrate our inaugural year of podcasting (yay!) with a very special episode. Join us as we play Sorting Hat and sort the Doctors and their Companions into their Hogwarts Houses! Yes, these are two separate fandoms, but hey – they’re all British, so it’s fair game!

Play along with us as we:

  • Rep our own house(s): RAVENCLAW REPRESENT!!! CAW CAW!!!
  • Defend ALL the houses
  • Call out our proud Hufflepuff loved ones – don’t try to come for our badgers!
  • Play inadvertent footsie
  • Find out who’s a “huge conflama mess”
  • Discuss River of course
  • Discover the Clara in Toya (we’re serious!)
  • Get technical about second/rising houses (Ravendor Toya feels deep in her heart that she knows better than you and Slytherclaw Eugenia knows better than you and is ambitious enough to use that to her advantage)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you for tuning in and showing us love all year! We’re excited for 2018 and a new year with new podcast episodes and surprises and hope you keep tuning in!

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