Ep. 005 Martha My Dear

Martha! Martha! Martha! Join us as we celebrate the VERY FIRST POC COMPANION. Martha Jones was a big deal for us women of color, and frankly we are sick and tired of the hate directed at her. She was amazing. Not “not-Rose”, not “eh”, not “rubs me the wrong way” or any of these other coded excuses not to like her. AMAZING. End of story.

Episodes to watch (basically all of season 3, but we mention these specifically):

  • Smith and Jones
  • The Shakespeare Code
  • 42
  • Utopia
  • The Sound of Drums
  • The Last of the Time Lords
  • Journey’s End
  • The End of Time

Martha’s post-Companion episodes:

  • The Sontaran Strategem
  • The Poison Sky
  • The Doctor’s Daughter
  • Turn Left (mentioned)
  • The Stolen Earth
  • Reset (Torchwood)
  • Dead Man Walking (Torchwood)
  • A Day in the Death (Torchwood)

Catch Freema Agyeman in the Netflix series Sense8 too!

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